Election Notice

Re: Election

Dear Member:

Recently, the Association notified the membership that the annual election for the Board of Directors was rendered moot because there were only three (3) qualified candidates running for three (3) available seats on the Board of Directors. A Notice was mailed and posted on the Association’s website inviting any member to object. Not one (1) member raised an objection to the Association’s proposed process which preserves Association resources.

On July 10th at their regularly scheduled meeting, the Board of Directors declared the three (3) members elected. The vote was unanimous, with the two (2) candidates seeking election (Ruiz and Neugebauer) abstaining. Also named to the 2018 Board of Directors is Pauline Woelky, the 2017 Chair of the Association’s Young Professional Network.

The Board is grateful for the membership’s cooperation and the confidence the membership has in the Association’s leadership and will continue to strive to earn that continuing trust. This is your Association. Let us know how we can continue to make it work for your benefit.


Mike Perciful
2017 President