Meeting Room Rental

Who can rent the Meeting Room?

Any SRCAR member or Affiliate member may rent the room during normal business hours for an event pre-approved* by SRCAR. Any member of the public may rent the room after normal business hours for an event pre-approved by SRCAR.

What is the cost?

SRCAR® REALTOR® and Affiliate members renting the room during normal business hours pay $75.00 per hour; all others renting during normal business hours pay $150.00 per hour.  Additional cleaning fees may apply. For after hours rental cost please contact our staff at (951)-894-2571 or email at

Can the renting group serve food?

Yes, if renting the room during normal business hours the renting group may serve food. All food and trash must be cleaned up and deposited in outside dumpster’s or additional $50.00 charge will be added.

For information on serving food during an after hours event please contact SRCAR® at (951)-894-2571 or email at

How do I go about signing up for room rental?

For normal business hours rental please contact the Education Coordinator for approval of the event, date availability and the Seminar request form (951) 894-2571 or email at

For after hours rental please contact SRCAR® at (951)-894-2571 or email at

What else should I know?


The Board of Directors of Southwest Riverside County Association of REALTORS® has adopted a revised policy, effective 1/1/06, regarding meeting room rental for education classes. Anyone wishing to put on a seminar at our facility is requested to submit a proposal with the following information:

  1. State company name and affiliate member who is sponsoring the event.
  2. State who the speaker(s) will be by name and company affiliation.
  3. State the subject and general information to be presented.
  4. State the requested dates(s) and times with several options.

SRCAR will evaluate each request received and respond to each submission as soon as possible. It is strongly recommended that ample time be given prior to requested dates to allow time for our review and response.

It is the intent of the Association to offer quality seminars that are of genuine value to our members.  We want to introduce valuable educational opportunities for the new and seasoned member and reduce the repetition of topics. While we recognize that each affiliate would like the opportunity for exposure, the content of what is offered is the most important element in the decision process. It should be noted that what happens at this Association reflects on us whether or not we are the ones sponsoring an event.

Meeting Room Rental Agreement Meeting Room Rental Agreement