Alcohol Best Practices

Adopted: August 6, 2007
Effective Date: August 6, 2007

The Southwest Riverside County Association of REALTORS®, Inc. (“SRCAR”) and its subsidiary organizations (hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Association”) have adopted the following best practices regarding the service of alcohol at events sponsored by the Association.  The following steps shall be taken when planning any function where alcohol will be served and the Association’s name is used or the Association is sponsoring the event/activity:

  • The Association sponsoring the event must review its own liability insurance policy to determine if adequate coverage is available for the event.
  • A professional catering, bartending service or host should be hired to exclusively oversee the service of any and all alcohol at the event.
  • The Association sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event must request and receive, prior to the commencement of the event, a copy of the caterers, bartending service or host’s liquor license and liquor liability and general liability insurance policy.
  • No employee or member of the Association shall be permitted to serve alcohol at the event.
  • Any agreement entered into with the catering, bartending service or host should indemnify the Association for liability arising out of the service of alcohol.
  • The Association shall distribute no more than two free drink tickets per member per event.