Policy Prohibiting Recruiting

The purposes and goals of the Southwest Riverside County Association of REALTORS® (SRCAR) include the following: to unite those engaged in the recognized branches of the real estate profession for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the profession; to promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the real estate profession as expressed in the Code of Ethics of the N.A.R.; and to provide a unified medium for real estate owners and those engaged in the real estate profession whereby their interests may be safeguarded and advanced.

Engaging in recruiting activities while at the Association premises or during any Association-sponsored event does not further these goals and purposes of the Association and is therefore strictly prohibited.

It is the policy of the Association that, while present at the Association’s premises and any Association-sponsored meeting, seminar, or other event, even if off-site, Members and their staff, employees, or other persons affiliated with a Member, shall not engage in any solicitation or recruiting activities. This means that said persons shall not initiate or participate in conversations or exchange any information, in writing or otherwise, regarding sale of brokerages, employment opportunities of any kind (including sales positions), nor shall they offer, schedule or conduct any interviews, or engage in solicitation or negotiation of any kind for positions as real estate brokers, agents, associates, or real estate office employees while at the Association’s premises or at any Association-sponsored meeting, seminar, or other event.

Violation of this policy, which is deemed to be a member duty, will interfere with the Association and its Members achieving its purposes and goals and will damage the success of the Association and its Members. Any violation of this policy shall be cause for the Association, in its sole discretion, to take one or more of the following actions (pursuant to Bylaws Article VI, Section 1; Article VI, Section 2b; and Article IX, Sections 4 and 7):

  1. Remove the person and/or his or her affiliated responsible Member from the Association premises or sponsored event;
  2. Discipline the person and/or his or her affiliated responsible Member, which may include, in the Association’s sole discretion, a written warning and/or written notice that the person and/or his or her affiliated responsible Member is restricted from visiting the Association premises and/or attending Association sponsored events for a specified period of time.
  3. Impose a fine on the person and/or his or her affiliated responsible Member. The reasonable value for a violation of this policy is Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) per violation. Fines will be assessed by a written demand on the responsible Member and payment will be due within ten (10) days of the date of the demand.
  4. Repeat violations of this policy may result in suspension or termination of

The discipline and/or fines provided in this policy are subject to the notice and hearing rights of Members as set forth in the Bylaws, Article IX, Sections 4 and 7.