MRMLS Matrix Upgrade 11:00PM Tonight, 11/16/06

Published: November 16, 2006

MRMLS Matrix will be offline for a short period of time Thursday Evening at 11:00PM for a software update. New features include:

  • Auto-email Limit to 250—MRMLS Matrix can be setup to automatically send listings to up to 250 prospective clients.
  • Improved Search Performance—MRMLS Matrix Search will be fine-tuned for better performance.
  • New Multi-Select Field Capabilities—MRMLS Matrix remembers a user’s most commonly selected values and selects them automatically.
  • “Export with Photos” File Type Corrected—when you perform an export with pictures the data is stored in ASCII format for increased file
  • compatibility with other applications.
  • All other systems will remain online and available to the membership.

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