Published: January 12, 2007

<strong>ANNOUNCEMYMOVE JOINS C.A.R.'S MEMBER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM</strong>C.A.R. recently announced the addition of AnnounceMyMove to its Member Advantage Program. Designed to help real estate agents and mortgage professionals introduce themselves to their clients' closest friends and family, AnnounceMyMove is an innovative Web-based marketing tool allowing agents to create personalized, online announcements for their clients. Using a simple 10-minute questionnaire, agents can create seven different styles of announcements, including listing, open house, and moving announcements. Potential referral opportunities are created when clients send their announcements, which include the agent's contact information, to their sphere of influence.<br /><br />Through the C.A.R. Member Advantage Program, C.A.R. members can receive discounted services from AnnounceMyMove, including $100 off the &quot;Platinum&quot; membership level, which includes unlimited use of the announcements, report tracking, graphic design assistance, and other services. For more information, visit <a title="" href=""><strong><font color="#333366"></font></strong></a> or call (888) 823-0919.<br /><br />The C.A.R. Member Advantage Program was created to provide members with a variety of benefits to enhance their professional and personal lives. Other program partners include Paychex, UPS, and Verizon Wireless. For more information, please visit the website for CAR at <a href=""></a>.

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