MLS Number Expanding

Published: January 25, 2007

Please be notified, on <strong>April 2, 2007</strong> the current format of MLS numbers used by MRMLS will be expanding from seven to nine characters. At the current growth rate, MRMLS will run out of unique numbers for listings within a few years. To keep the numbers unique and avoid this problem, MRMLS will add a 2-digit year to the MLS number.<br /><br />
Old Format: Association (1-character) Number (6-digits)<br />
<br />
New Format: Association (1-character) + Year (2-digits) + Number (6-digits)<br />
<img src="" alt="" /><br />
<br />
For example, a new 2007 Listing for Arcadia could be A07123456, “A” for the Association, “07” for the year, and “123456” for the unique number.<br />
<br />
If all of this seems too complicated, don’t worry, MRMLS Matrix assigns the MLS number for you. If you ever wonder what the numbers mean, please refer to this iDate<br />

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