Published: January 24, 2007

C.A.R. members are now eligible for special discounts on a variety of cell phones through <a title="blocked::" href=""></a>, an exclusive Verizon Wireless store brought to you through the C.A.R. Member Advantage Program. In addition to discounted prices for many brand name phones, including the BlackBerry 8703, Palm Treo 700, Motorola Q, and models from Nokia, LG, and Samsung, Verizon Wireless customers also will receive a $50 instant rebate on any phone purchased–even if the phone is free under the group discount rate. Previously available only to new Verizon Wireless customers, this offer also is now available to current subscribers, though some restrictions apply.<br /><br />All Verizon Wireless service plans and mobile phones include a 15-day satisfaction guarantee and free mobile-to-mobile calling with other Verizon Wireless customers. Additional discounts for small businesses also have been added to the offer. For more information, visit <a title="blocked::" href=""></a> or call (866) 281-0004.<br /><br />The C.A.R. Member Advantage Program was created to provide members with a variety of benefits to enhance their professional and personal lives. Other program partners include UPS, Staples, and For more information, please visit the link below.

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