Hot Sheets 2.0 Added to MRMLS Matrix!

Published: February 20, 2007

On Tuesday Night, February 20, 2007 at 11:00PM, MRMLS Matrix will be offline to upgrade its Hot Sheets. Starting Wednesday morning, February 21, 2007, Hot Sheets 2.0 will be in MRMLS Matrix. If you have existing customized Hot Sheets, the criteria will be automatically moved to a Save Search and added to your Hot Searches.<br />Questions &amp; Answers:<br />
Q. What is a Hot Sheet? <br />
A. A Hot Sheet is used to display a quick market update of the areas an agent most frequently works.<br />
Example Usage of a Hot Sheet: An agent wants to see newly active or expired listings within a designated farm area.<br />
Q. What will happen to my existing customized Hot Sheets? Will I lose them?<br />
A. Current customized Hot Sheet criteria will automatically be saved and added to your Hot Searches on the Home Tab. All functionality will remain.<br />
Q. How do I customize a Hot Sheet?<br />
A. From the Home Tab, click the Customize link under Hot Sheets. Choose your Property Type, Change Type, and Area. Click Search and Matrix will return the results and save your Hot Sheet. The next time you login, click Customized Personal Hot Sheet and you will receive all updated market data since the last time you clicked the link.<br />
Q. Will the new Hot Sheet show me if a listing is “new,” “Back On Market,” or has a “price change?”<br />
A. Yes, look under the Change Type column on the results screen to see these changes <br />
and more.<br />

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