Team Cody Open House

Published: February 7, 2007

<p>Hello TEAM Cody, and friends,</p><br /><p> As you know, Sgt Stephen Ferguson founded &quot;TEAM Cody,&quot; in memory of little Cody Johnson, to help his brother Marines, and Corpsmen of Camp Pendleton. In Cody's battle, and imminent death of cancer, he displayed the courage of a Marine at war.&#160; This inspired Sgt Ferguson to call this ministry Team Cody, of which YOU, the volunteers of Time, Talents, and Treasures, make up the TEAM.</p><br />
<p> Sgt Ferguson is deploying again, but would like to make sure he &quot;thanks&quot; each one of you in person.&#160; He would be honored and humbled for you to come to his home on Camp Pendleton, to receive a Team Cody Certificate, as you enjoy snacks, and displayed Iraqi souvenirs.&#160; He will also have some of his MC equipment, MRE, pictures, and things of interest for you to view.<br /><br />
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