Announcement Re. Marketing Meeting

Published: May 11, 2007

ANNOUNCEMENT:<br /><br />
The Association’s policies are updated on a yearly basis. A specific section covers the MLS Marketing Meetings and Tours. Under the guidelines SRCAR’s Board of Directors has adopted, the Association is solely responsible for the development of any meeting agenda and media presentation and designating the territories to be covered during the Weekly MLS Marketing Tour. The Association specifically disavows endorsing or sponsoring any bus, van, or other group tours arranged by any individual Members or Affiliates. Any tours arranged by a party other than the Association is not allowed to use the Association name or logo in any flyers, advertising, or promotions and is not endorsed by the Association. The Code of Ethics and applicable MLS Rules still apply. <br />
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As a reminder, qualifying reciprocal brokers or their agents (collectively participant) may not be excluded from a local caravan of a reciprocal Association. As long as the participant holds a current, valid California real estate license and is capable of offering and accepting compensation as a real estate participant that person may not be excluded from a local caravan of a reciprocal Association. Persons possessing a valid California appraiser’s certification or license must also be allowed to attend the caravans as well.

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