CAR’s Consumer Ad Campaign

Published: May 31, 2007

<strong>C.A.R.'S 2007 CONSUMER ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: MAKE IT YOUR OWN</strong>On April 16, C.A.R. launched a brand new Consumer Advertising Campaign highlighting the value REALTORS® bring to the transaction. Through a bold, new approach and theme–&quot;California REALTORS® – Your Peace of Mind.&quot;–the campaign also will raise awareness of the REALTOR® brand and reinforce the professionalism of REALTORS® who belong to C.A.R. The $2.3 million campaign features four new radio spots, interactive Web banners placed on popular Web sites, and search engine marketing on Yahoo! and Google directing consumers to a new Web site, <a title="" href=""><strong><font color="#333366"></font></strong></a>, that reinforces key messages of the radio ads while providing valuable information for consumers when buying or selling a home.<br /><br />The 2007 Consumer Advertising Campaign also includes print and HTML components that C.A.R. members can use in their own direct mail and e-marketing efforts. Visit C.A.R. Online (<a title="" href=""><strong><font color="#333366"></font></strong></a>), and click on the &quot;2007 Consumer Advertising Campaign&quot; button on the home page. There you will find downloadable e-mail banners and text that you can insert into e-mails you send to your clients and prospects.<br /><br />Additionally, an online postcard customization and printing service can be accessed at <a title="" href=""><strong><font color="#333366"></font></strong></a> (access code CAR). There are three postcard designs from which to choose, with the option to mail each customized postcard directly to an uploaded mailing list of your clients and prospects via first-class mail. You can customize the postcards with your contact information, photo, photo caption, and personalized message. The cost to mail the postcards directly to your uploaded mailing list includes first-class postage, sorting and the printing of each address on the postcards. If you have questions on ordering the customized postcards, please call CGX Solutions/Anderson Printing Customer Service at (323) 460-4115 ext. 147.

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