MRMLS to Change the Way Baths are Recorded in a Listing

Published: July 13, 2007

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<td width="476" valign="top"><p>To fix this confusion, four new fields: <em>BathFull</em>, <em>BathThreeQuarter, BathHalf, </em>and <em>BathQuarter</em> will be added to MRMLS Matrix. As of August 1, 2007 agents will record the number of full baths, three-quarter baths, half baths, and quarter baths in these fields. <br /><br />
<br /><br />
The current &ldquo;Baths&rdquo; field will become read-only and will be automatically populated by MRMLS Matrix. It will display the sum of the four fields above as the total number of baths.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<u>Example:<br /><br />
</u>If a listing has two full baths and one half bath, the agent would enter &ldquo;2&rdquo; in the <em>BathFull</em> field, &ldquo;1&rdquo; in the <em>BathHalf</em> field, and &ldquo;0&rdquo; in the <em>BathQuarter</em> and <em>BathThreeQuarter</em> fields. The MRMLS Matrix System will then display &ldquo;2.5&rdquo; in the <em>Baths</em> field.</p></td><br />
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