MLS Marketing Meeting Task Force Report

Published: August 29, 2007

The Task Force has held four meetings since the meeting change was announced in May. The attendance has been sporadic, but there is a core group of about 6-8 attendees who have attended a majority of the meetings for the MLS Marketing Meeting Task Force.
Members of the Task Force have received input from a very large number of REALTORS® and Affiliates during this process. From these suggestions, the Task Force has made several recommendations of which several have already been approved & implemented.

Here are the Recommendations the Task Force has made and have been approved by the Directors:

    • Time Change – the time for the start of the meeting to remain the same at 8:30a.m. – Done


      • Troop Contributions – Donations to the Troops should remain as an important part of the meeting – Done


        • Introductions – Attendees believe this is an important part of the meeting – Done


          • Announcements / Calendar of Events – Announcement Page Distributed at Meetings – Done


            • Guest Speaker – Have a guest speaker on a regular basis to address the attendees. The final consensus was to have a speaker as much as possible and advertise the fact. The Speaker will have no more than 15 minutes and be relevant to the local community or the Real Estate business as a whole – Doneto begin on October 2, 2007 and to be held on the 1st Tuesday of each month thereafter


            Weekly Car Caravan – currently under consideration – comments needed


            There was extensive discussion on this point and the following is the recommendation the Task Force is making to the Board. This is only a start as we expect changes to be made over time as the Caravan evolves.



              • The Caravan will be managed and maintained by SRCAR Staff


                • The Caravan will visit up to 12 homes each week


                  • The Caravan will start immediately following the Tuesday MLS Marketing Meeting


                    • Rotating each week, between Murrieta and Temecula


                      • To be on the Caravan, an agent must send an email to [email protected] requesting to be added to the Caravan


                        • It will be on a first come, first serve basis, based on when the email was received by SRCAR


                          • The deadline for submission will be 12:00p (noon) Monday prior to the Tuesday MLS Marketing Meeting


                            • The email address that sent the Listing will then receive an automated reply stating the listing has been added to the list and the agent will be notified Monday afternoon if they are on the list


                              • If the Listing is on the Caravan, the agent will receive an email outlining the requirements for the Caravan


                                • If the Listing did not make the Caravan, the agent will be notified and instructed to resubmit the listing for the next Caravan in two weeks


                                  • A route and map of the listings on the Caravan will be made available at the MLS Marketing Meeting


                                    • The requirements for the agent to be on the Caravan are simple. If your listing is on the Caravan, the agent or a representative must visit all listings on the Caravan. If this is not followed, the agent will be restricted from having another home on the Caravan for 60 days.





                                    To make this service a success Marketing the service is very important. Here are some suggestions that were discussed during the discussions.


                                      • Send an email to all in SRCAR introducing the Caravan, Weekly before the start and then monthly for a couple of months


                                        • Put it all over the SRCAR Web Site


                                          • Provide a separate Web Page outlining the Caravan (Maybe a separate web address like SRCAR.ORG/CARAVAN), stating the requirements and allowing the Realtor to have their listing submitted to the list from the web page.





                                          The Affiliates are making a further attempt to push participation. We are planning to have a Monthly Theme for the Caravan –


                                            • The first month will be a Poker Run. The following months will be a TBD task. But we have discussion theme the October one around the annual SRCAR Can drive, November Thanksgiving, December Christmas. These are only suggestions and all will be on a TBD basis.


                                              • The first month Poker Run will be simple. As each participant leaves each listing, they will be given a playing card. At the last listing, the person with the best poker hand (5 cards only) will win a donated gift from one of the affiliates. At this point, the Affiliate who volunteered for the Tuesday MLS Marketing meeting will be given the opportunity to provide the donated gift. In addition, this will evolve over time as well.


                                              Please provide your comments regarding this MLS Marketing Meeting Weekly Car Caravan currently under consideration.  Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated by the MLS Marketing Task Force and the Board of Directors.

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