One-Time Supra Lockbox Fee

Published: August 9, 2007

Dear Member,<br /><br />
This is in reference to the one-time “catch up” fee that MRMLS sent out. This fee will only apply to agents that ether renewed their Supra Key Service in September 2006 or agents that leased a new key before December 10. This fee is for the new software and preparation for the lockbox exchange. Any agent that leased their Supra Keys as of December 11 has already paid the one-time fee. The added fee to your 2007/2008 billing cycle should be $14.49. If members leased their Key after December 11, they should not receive a bill for the fee. If you do please let the Association know so we can contact MRMLS and Supra to get it straightened out. If you have any question please give Michelle Medley, the Supra Administrator a call at 951-894-2571.

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