Supra Maintenance Notification -UPDATE

Published: August 17, 2007

<font size="2"><p>Update on this weekend's scheduled website maintenance – this maintenance time has been reduced to a 4 hour period. On Friday August 17, 2007 from 7:30PM – 11:30PM Pacific Time, Supra will be conducting a hardware upgrade at our data center. During this time keyholders will be unable to access Supra’s Pay by Phone service. All other services (Voice updates, Web access, eSync) will be unaffected. Supra Keyholder Support, 877-699-6787, will be available to provide assistance for any keyholder who needs to update their key. </p><br /><p>Thank you,</p><br />
<p>Michelle Medley<br/>Supra Adminatrator</p></font>

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