Top-Ten Projects for Q3, 2007

Published: August 29, 2007

Below are the top-ten MRMLS projects scheduled for the third quarter of 2007:<br /><ol><br />
<li><strong><u>Expiration Date 2.5 Year</u></strong><strong>:</strong> The <em>Expiration Date</em> must be greater than or equal to the <em>List</em> date, but no more than 2.5 years in the future. <em>(Done)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>APN (Assessor&rsquo;s Parcel Number</u></strong>): The <em>APN</em> is now a required field for <em>Residential Lease</em> and <em>Commercial Lease</em> listings. <em>(Done)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>Notice of Default:</u></strong> <em>Notice of Default</em> now appears in the <em>Financial Information</em> Section of the <em>Full </em>search display for the following property types: <em>Residential, Residential Income, Commercial, Land/Lot, and Mobile Homes</em>. <em>(Done)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>Baths</u></strong><strong>:</strong> Fields for <em>Quarter</em>, <em>Half</em>, <em>Three-Quarter</em>, and <em>Full</em> baths will be added into the system. <em>(Done)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>Auto Sell:</u></strong> Sixty days after the projected close date all Pending listings will automatically switch to Sold. These listings will be marked with an * to show that they were updated by Matrix. <em>(Done)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>Member Type Added to Matrix Messaging</u></strong><strong>:</strong> Associations will be able to send messages within MRMLS Matrix to certain groups of members based on their <br /><br />
<em>Member Type</em>. <em>(September 2007)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>iTech Residential Lease Data Share</u></strong><strong>:</strong> Add Pasadena and Glendale <em>Residential Lease </em>listings to MRMLS Matrix. <em>(September 2007)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>Decorative Headers &amp; Footers</u></strong><strong>:</strong> Members will be able to select a graphic from a list, or add their own, to the headers and footers of MRMLS Matrix displays and reports. <em>(October 2007)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM)</u></strong><strong>:</strong> If a property was listed and re-listed within 60-days; CDOM continues to count the total days on the market for each time the property was listed. <em>(October 2007)</em></li><br />
<li><strong><u>Statistics Reports</u></strong><strong>:</strong> Additional reports to be added and performance to be improved. <em>(October 2007)</em><strong></strong></li><br />

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