Published: November 8, 2007

<strong></strong>C.A.R. has donated $250,000 to the Association's Disaster Relief Fund to help support the victims of the recent Southern California wildfires, which preliminary estimates show destroyed more than 1,700 homes and structures.<br /><br />&quot;We are profoundly saddened by the devastation caused by the recent wildfires, particularly, the loss of homes and businesses that belonged to some of our REALTOR® members, local associations, staff, and their families,&quot; said C.A.R. President Colleen Badagliacco. &quot;It is an honor to be a part of an organization that has stepped up to the plate to offer this much-needed donation. C.A.R. also would like to extend our gratitude to those individuals and local associations that have contributed so generously to the C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund. Your support is greatly appreciated.&quot;<br /><br />As of Nov. 2, C.A.R. received a total of $521,799 in donations to the fund from various REALTOR® associations and individuals, including $500,000 from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, and $25,000 from the Florida Association of REALTORS®. C.A.R. has received commitments from the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS® for $10,000, and the Alabama Association of REALTORS® for $15,000.<br /><br />C.A.R. also is asking members who haven't already done so, to contribute to its Disaster Relief Fund in order to meet current and ongoing needs. Please make your tax-deductible donation to the C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund. Checks may be made payable to the California Community Foundation with &quot;C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund&quot; on the &quot;memo&quot; line. Send checks to the California Community Foundation, 445 S. Figueroa St., #3400, Los Angeles, CA 90071-1638. To make a contribution online, visit <a title="http://www.calfund.org/8/giving_calrealtorsrelief.php" href="http://www.calfund.org/8/giving_calrealtorsrelief.php">http://www.calfund.org/8/giving_calrealtorsrelief.php</a>. For more information, visit <a title="http://www.car.org/index.php?id=Mzc5MjA=" href="http://www.car.org/index.php?id=Mzc5MjA=">http://www.car.org/index.php?id=Mzc5MjA=</a> .<br /><p>C.A.R. also has compiled a list of vital resources and other information for Southern Californians affected by the recent wildfires. A link to the Fire Disaster Information section can be found under the REALTORS® Care page on C.A.R. Online at <a title="http://www.car.org/index.php?id=MzIzMTU" href="http://www.car.org/index.php?id=MzIzMTU">http://www.car.org/index.php?id=MzIzMTU=</a>.</p>

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