eKEY Certified Devices Update

Published: December 19, 2007

<br /><p><font face="Times New Roman">December 19, 2007 </font><br /><font face="Times New Roman">Dear GE Security Customer:</font> <br /><font face="Times New Roman">Exciting news from GE Security! We are pleased to announce that the following devices will be certified for use with eKEY tomorrow December 20, 2007:</font></p><p><b><font face="GE Inspira">AT&amp;T</font></b> <br /><font face="GE Inspira">Treo 750 (WinMo 6)</font><br /><b><font face="GE Inspira">Alltel</font></b> <br /><font face="GE Inspira">Treo 755p</font> <br /><font face="GE Inspira">Treo 650</font> <br /><font face="GE Inspira">PPC6800 (WinMo 6)</font><b><font size="2" face="GE Inspira"><br />Verizon</font></b> <br /><font size="2" face="GE Inspira">XV6800</font> <br /><font size="2" face="GE Inspira">Treo 755p</font> <br /><b><font size="2" face="GE Inspira">Qwest</font></b> <br /><font size="2" face="GE Inspira">Any device that is currently supported on Sprint is also supported on Qwest (they share the same network)</font> <br /><font face="Times New Roman"></font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman">For a current list of all eKEY certified devices, please visit our website at: </font><font face="Times New Roman"><a href="http://www.srcar.org/supra_faq.asp#16" title="Supra Compatible Devices">http://www.srcar.org/supra_faq.asp#16</a> . While there, be sure to check out the latest wireless carrier “special offers” on eKEY and many certified devices</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman">Regards,</font> <br /><font face="Times New Roman">Michelle Medley</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman">Supra Administrator</font></p>

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