MRMLS Matrix Structure to Change on January 15, 2008

Published: January 3, 2008

Exports Will Change AccordinglyIMPORTANT!!! Do you use a custom desktop application that works with an MRMLS Matrix Export? If so, you or your vendor will have to map to the new structure once the changeover occurs on January 15, 2008.
iDateExports affected by the new structure change include:

  • Full
  • Full No Photo
  • Photo Only
  • eN_CMA
  • Atlas
  • Top Producer
  • Lightning v2
  • Pocket Real Estate

MRMLS has contacted the above vendors about the new structure, but if you are using custom exports, they will need to be re-mapped to work with the new structure.

Note: The goal of the new structure is to break features into logical categories and to use field names that are plain English and self explanatory. Field lengths have also been changed to reflect the current size of the MLS data.


When will the structure update occur?


MRMLS Matrix will be unavailable January 14, 2008 starting at 8:00PM for the update. It will be back up and ready for business by 6:00AM, January 15, 2008.

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