MRMLS Matrix Upgrade Complete

Published: January 16, 2008

Have you noticed that things look a little different in MRMLS Matrix?
On January, 14, 2008, the MRMLS Technical Team successfully installed a major upgrade to MRMLS Matrix. The upgrade includes:

  • New Search Pages
  • Redesigned Displays
  • Updated Reports
  • A new Add/Edit Module
  • A new database design with fields that are labeled with non-abbreviated English names that have been re-organized into logical categories

To help you get acquainted with the new upgrade, MRMLS cordially invites you to join us for an online Web Conference Friday, January 18, 2008 at 10:00AM. The conference will feature training and discussion on the “New and Improved Add/Edit.”

To sign up, go to:

For additional information and training on the MRMLS Matrix Upgrade, the following materials were updated and are available at:

Online Videos

  • How to Add a Listing
  • How to Modify a Listing
  • How to Search for Listings

Quick Reference Guides

  • How to Add a Listing
  • How to Modify a Listing
  • How to Search and Sort

Detailed Manuals

  • How to Add a Listing (Add/Edit)
  • MRMLS Basic Matrix
  • MRMLS Advanced Matrix

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