Agents Can Make Roster Changes

Published: February 21, 2008

Have you ever wanted to change your phone number(s) and email address on MRMLS Matrix? The ability for agents to change their Roster information online has been added to Matrix.

(This screen shot of the bottom of the Agent Full, shows the agent’s Phone Number(s) and Email.)

Note: Click your Public ID on a listing to see your Roster Entry or go to the Roster tab.

The information at the bottom of a listing comes from the information in the MRMLS Matrix Roster. When you change your phone number(s) and email addresses in the Roster, the changes will show up in all your listings.

IMPORTANT: If you change your Roster information, it will replicate across all of your listings. If you submit an incorrect change, the only way to correct an error is to manually fix it through Add/Edit.

Note: For detailed instructions go to

To change your Roster information:

1.Open the Add/Edit tab

2. Enter your Public Id in the Quick Modify field and click Modify

3.Click Change Contact Information

4.Change your phone number(s) and email address

5. Click Submit Agent to save your changes to the Roster and all of your listings

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