CDOM Now Active in MRMLS Matrix

Published: March 26, 2008

On March 20, 2008, MRMLS will turn on the Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) counter.  CDOM tracks the total days a property has been on the market without a sale.  CDOM counts the total days on market for each time a property is listed and continues counting until the property is Canceled/Expired for 60 days, no matter which agent or broker lists the property.
For example, if a property was listed on January 1st, expired 90 days later, and re-listed by the same or another agent within 60 days, at midnight, the CDOM counter will display “91” and the Days on Market (DOM) will show “1.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How is CDOM calculated?

A.  MRMLS Matrix uses APN, Street #, Zip Code, Unit # and/or Space # to identify and match listings for CDOM calculations. Each night during midnight processing all “on market” listings have their DOM incremented by one. New listings have a DOM of zero until the end of the first day of the listing. CDOM is the sum of all consecutive DOMs for a specific property that do not have at least a 60 day gap between the previous close date and the new list date. CDOM is automatically reset to zero if the property is sold.

Q.  If I take on a listing that expired with a previous agent, will CDOM reset to zero?

A.  CDOM calculations will only reset to zero if there has been at least 60 days between the previous close/expired date and the new list date.

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