Legal Updates Now Available Online

Published: March 11, 2008

Member Legal Services has added three new cases to the Real Estate Brokerage Cases of Interest page on C.A.R. Online, Michel v. Palos Verdes Network Group, Inc. (2007), Nguyen v. Tran (2007), and Horning v. Shilberg (2005).  Michel deals with the fiduciary duty of a buyer’s broker; Nguyen discusses the C.A.R. arbitration paragraph when a buyer’s broker wants to compel arbitration against a buyer and the listing brokers; and Horning addresses a claim for commission when a real estate broker represents himself as the buyer, among other issues.  There is a summary of each case as well as a link to the actual text of the case. To find the Real Estate Cases navigation tab, first go to Legal Section at and then go to the Real Estate Law navigation tab and follow the arrow to the right.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. 

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