Use a smartphone as your lockbox key!

Published: March 19, 2008

Many agents now use a smartphone or PDA to beam open Supra iBoxes. You can, too, when you subscribe to eKEY service from GE Security!
What are smartphones? What are PDA’s?
PDA is short for Personal Assistant, commonly called “PalmPilot”. A PDA consolidates your calendar, contacts, and other paper systems into one small device you’ll always have with you in your pocket or purse. A smartphone is a PDA that is also a cell phone. Most smartphones include high-speed Internet access, email and other real estate-friendly features, including camera, calculators voice memo capability and more.

What is eKEY service?
There are two levels of eKEY service, eKEY basic for $13.88 plus tax allows you to open and program your own iBoxes. eKEY Professional for 23.93 plus tax adds MLS listings information, maps, agent roster and showing details to your device. Not sure which level of service is right for you? See feature comparison chart below.

BasicProfessionalWhat you’ll be able to do with this level of service
Open iBoxes
Read iBoxes at listings; view showing agent name and phone
Customize iBox access hours as you take the listing
Add business card, flyer, showing notes to iBox
Track iBox inventoty and view settings on your device
Send showing feedback to listing agents when you update your key
view Showing activity details on KIMWeb
 Retrieve specific MLS info wherever you are
 MLS info and agent roster refreshed daily on your key device
 View HotSheets
 Search MLS five ways (Most used is Address Search)
 Free Mapopolis maps linked to listings
 Create and save buyer profiles and mini-CMA searches on device
 View showing details and feedback on your device

How does an eKEY update?
If you are using a smartphone with wireless Internet access, your eKEY will update by itself overnight. If you do not have wireless Internet access, you may update your smartphone through your PC. If you have eKEY service on your PDA, you may update with your PC over your high-speed Internet connection using the factory-supplied PDA cable or crade.

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