What’s New with MRMLS in 2008?

Published: March 17, 2008

Here is a summary of the most prominent features added to MRMLS software and tools in 2008.1. Roster/Contact Information Changes: The ability to change your phone number(s) and email address has been added to MRMLS Matrix. (mrmls.frogpond.com/DispArticle.cfm?ARTICLE_ID=22026&ISSUE_ID=1690)
2. Listing & Property History: Tools LH shows status changes associated with the current listing, while PH shows a comprehensive history of the property.
Note: On displays Active Days on Market is hyperlinked to the Listing History and the Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM), which will be released later this month, will be hyperlinked to Property History.

3. Agent Semi Full: The Agent Semi Full Report has been added. This report prints on a single page. Agent Semi Ful

4. Listing Input Previewpreview A Preview button has been added to the Add/Edit module. Use the Preview button to see your listing before you submit it.

5. Custom Header & Footer: A graphical header/footer can be added to search results that are emailed or auto emailed to clients.

6. CMA Status Date: A CMA Status Date field has been added to the Detailed and Quick search screens. The CMA Status Date applies to Sold, Canceled, and Expired listings within the given date range.
Note: When combining Active, Contingent, Pending, Sold, Canceled and Expired statuses, you will receive all Active, Contingent and Pending Listings, regardless of the CMA Status Date used.

7. View or Hide AutoSold: To show or hide properties that have been Auto Sold, add the Auto Sold field to your display and turn AutoSold properties on or off to fit your needs. (mrmls.frogpond.com/DispArticle.cfm?ARTICLE_ID=22162)

Auto Sold  Auto Sold Selector

(MLS# A9222222 has been Auto Sold. Turn it On or Off using the Auto Sold Field

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