Ask MRMLS Customer Service!!!

Published: April 23, 2008

For March 2008, the most frequently asked questions of MRMLS Customer Service were:

  1. Q.How do I create a CMA and should I use the CMA program within Matrix or eN CMA?
    A.If you are in a hurry and your subject property is Residential, use the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) program within MRMLS Matrix.If you want to customize your report to look different than everyone else use the eN CMA product that is free to MRMLS members. For more information go to

    Follow these steps to create a CMA with MRMLS Matrix:

    1. Perform a search and select comparable properties
    2. Click the CMA button at the bottom of the screen
    3. Add pages to your report from the available choices including CMA Cover Sheet, CMA Pro Report, etc. Hold the CTRL key down when selecting more than one page/report.
    4. Click the Print View button to see your CMA
  2. Q.What does Waiting Activation mean?
    A.When you set up a client to receive automatic emails, Matrix will send an email to the client as scheduled and will display a “Waiting Activation” message. Matrix will not send additional emails until the client reads the first email and clicks one of the links to view a listing.
  3. Q.What does an asterisk (*) next to my listing mean?
    A.You will see a P* under status if a listing has not been manually updated by the Listing Agent/Broker by Midnight of the Estimated Sell Date. Similarly, you will see an S* if the status of the listing has not been manually changed to “sold” or the Estimated Sell Date extended by the tenth day after the Estimated Sell Date.
  4. Q.I updated my contact information in the Matrix Roster, but my listing shows my old contact information. Why?
    A.Once you change your contact information in the Matrix Roster, the new information will be reflected in all future listings, but current or older listings will remain unchanged. To update contact information in an old listing, you must go to the Change Contact Information link under Modify on the Add/Edit tab and edit the contact information for that listing.
  5. Q.How do I print a listing on a single page?
    A.To print on a single page:

    1. Choose Print Report
    2. Pick Agent Semi Full or Agent Full Abbreviated from the Print Options list
    3. Click Generate and then click Printer

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