Big Win in Sacramento

Published: June 13, 2008

Red Alert Update: Big Win for REALTORS® on Point-of-Sale Bill 

Thank You to the Thousands of REALTORS®

Who Contacted their Legislators to Oppose the Bill!


C.A.R. initially OPPOSED AB 2678 (Núñez) because it effectively would have required, among other things, that ALL homes and commercial property in California have an energy audit at point-of-sale, and that mandatory energy efficiency investments be made. While C.A.R. appreciates the goal of energy conservation, C.A.R. strongly opposes point-of-sale requirements because they are ineffective and because such mandates will weaken the housing market. If enacted as introduced AB 2678 could have added even tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of purchasing a home.


After thousands of REALTORS® called their legislators in opposition to the bill and thousands more lobbied against the bill in person last week at Legislative Day, the bill’s author amended AB 2678 to remove the point-of-sale requirement. The bill was further amended at C.A.R.’s request, to ensure that energy audits or improvements are not required as a condition of sale. With these changes, C.A.R. SUPPORTS AB 2678.


This is a BIG WIN for REALTORS® and their clients. Thank you for helping make this Red Alert a big success.


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