MRMLS iDate: Extra Security Coming to MRMLS in Sept. 2008

Published: June 30, 2008

The MRMLS Board of Directors has voted to implement security token strong authentication. SAFEMLS tokens, used in conjunction with your username and password, are the premier solution for protecting MLS access. Unauthorized access to vital MLS data has reached epidemic proportions, resulting in increased liability and compromised consumer privacy. WE MUST PROTECT OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET, OUR DATA.
In September, MRMLS will begin distribution of the tokens and by the end of 2008, all users of MRMLS will be required to have a token to gain access. People will no longer be able to share passwords.

  • Third-party authentication is the same security technology used by aerospace and Department of Defense companies.
  • Everyone will pay their fair share. Freeloaders will finally be forced to sign up or lose access to MRMLS.
  • Tokens will be provided at no extra charge to MRMLS members.
  • There is nothing new to remember, just “push the grey button” and enter the one-time-use password into the security field to gain access to MRMLS.

If you do not want to carry a token on your key chain, use TEXT-pass and get your security code sent as a text message to your mobile phone or Supra key. (Additional one-time setup fee will apply.)

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