How Do I Set Up Auto Email?

Published: July 14, 2008

Why not use Auto Email and let MRMLS Matrix do the prospecting for you? Auto Email automatically alerts clients when listings match the criteria that you specify.
Before you start, go to My Matrix and add your contact(s). In our example, a client wants a Single Family Residence in Arcadia for less than $800,000 with at least 2 bedrooms and one bath.

1.  Select appropriate criteria on the Quick Search page and press Search.

2.  Press the Save button  at the bottom of the results page.

3.  Enter a Search Name.

4.  Select a contact from your Contacts List to receive your email.

5.  Press the Enable Auto Email button.

6.  Enter a Subject for your emails.

7.  Choose to display the Public 1 Line, Customer Flyer, or Customer Full.

8.  Type an optional message.

9.  Choose from Daily, AM or PM, ASAP (As Soon As Possible), or Monthly as the schedule for the listings to be sent to your client. Then press Save.

Congratulations! Your client is now set up to receive an email when matching properties are listed.

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