MRMLS Announces “SafeMLS Tokens” Security Initiative

Published: August 5, 2008

MRMLS is addressing a challenge that is prevalent in our entire industry – data security. MRMLS made it possible for you to access the MLS system from any computer with Internet connectivity to increase your ability to communicate with clients. However, this convenient method opens our valuable MLS data to misuse and theft.
Our biggest threats are people who shouldn’t have access to the MLS and are logging in with passwords they have either been given or have obtained through unauthorized methods. Often, real estate professionals do not realize when they give out their login to one trusted person, that person may tell another, and eventually (in some documented cases) hundreds of people gain access. Even if a member never shares their password, it can be stolen or guessed. Because of password sharing and theft, MLS organizations and vendors estimated that 10 to 25 percent of user logins are not legitimate MLS members.

Limiting access to the MLS information is important. First, a lot of sensitive information stored within the listing, including showing instructions that in the wrong hands can lead to burglary and other crime. Second, many of our members store clients and prospecting information that can be misused by someone else logging into your account. Third, the MLS is the front door to a host of consumer and financial information protected by federal legislation. The need to protect this information is urgent!

Beginning on September 15th, 2008, MRMLS is implementing SafeMLS Token, a proven security technology that has been in use by millions of people in the private industry and government for over a decade. This solution was researched at length by Clareity, a well-respected real estate consulting company. Several MLS have implemented this solution. In addition, this technology is supported by well known third party vendors such as Wyldfyre and eNeighborhoods.

Within a few weeks, MRMLS will provide you with more detailed information about how it will work and where to get the SafeMLS token.

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