MRMLS SAFEMLS Token Deployment and Marketing Plan

Published: August 7, 2008

Project Plan

The Project Plan is a schedule of events for the SAFEMLS Token Implementation. As we communicate with
our members via telephone meetings, email, and in person, we will customize the Project Plan to ensure
a successful implementation. The Project Plan clarifies and recaps how the Implementation process will
be conducted.

In order to ensure a successful implementation of our new SAFEMLS® Token system, it is beneficial to
have the areas of responsibility clearly defined. This project schedule lists all the key events and
action items for this product launch.

This guide will outline the various details of the SAFEMLS Implementation. The implementation will
be broken up into three phases:

  1. Pre-Implementation
  2. Token Distribution and Launch
  3. Post Token Launch

MRMLS Tasks:

We will be responsible for the following implementation action items. Clarity will provide us with
consultation during the planning of our implementation and assist us in ensuring a smooth transition
to our system.


  1. Token Database and Setup
  2. Training
  3. Communication and Marketing
  4. Distribution Planning

Token Distribution Launch

  1. Go Live
  2. Association Distribution
  3. Communication

Post Token Launch

  1. Communication
  2. PA & OA Security Fee Charge
  3. Association Distribution Follow-up
  4. Token Required

An explanation of the action items follows.

Communication and Marketing Plan

“Communications” will be sent to members and associations to properly educate and inform them of
upcoming SAFEMLS Token events. Clareity Security will co-develop the communication content with us.

We have developed a 90 day communication process that will guide us through communicating SAFEMLS Token
topics and key dates to our members. This will provide us and our members with timely and detailed
information about SAFEMLS Token, requirements, and what is expected of them.

The target dates for distributing the communication are:

  1. 8/1/08- iDate 1: “Why Security Is Important”
  2. 8/18/08- iDate 2: “What We Are Doing” (including authenticator choices).

  1. All new participants , subscribers, and Appraisers will be charged $40 security fee (Sept
  2. PC/AC will require their own separate login

  • 9/1/08- iDate 3: “Deployment Details and Schedule” (including authenticator choices” sent
    multiple times.
  • 9/15/08- iDate 4: Deployment Details and Launch Schedule
  • 9/29/08- iDate 5: Token Requirement and PC/AC Login requirement
  • 10/13/08- iDate 6: PA and OA $40 Security Charge goes into effect (Nov 1)
  • 10/27/08- iDate 7: PA and OA $40 Security Charge goes into effect recap (Nov 1)
  • 11/10/08- iDate 8: Token Usage Required (Nov 18)
  • 11/17/08- iDate 9: Token Required recap (Nov 18)
  • 12/29/08- iDate 10: PC and AC whole sale charge for each login created (Jan 1)
  • Methods of Communication: Newsletter, Matrix Messaging, Training Classes, MLS Home
    Page, MRMLS News, Office Visits, and Inbound/Outbound Calls.

    Database and Setup

    Clareity Security will coordinate with the us and Tarasoft to install the SAFEMLS system on Servers
    at the Host Site including the configuration of the software, user database, group roles, and appropriate
    web agents and services.

    1. August 18– Token will be deployed to Staging
    2. August 18-September16– MRMLS and Association will test Token system on Staging
    3. September 15– Token Login on Production
    4. November 18– Token Required

    /Association Training and Member Training Materials

    Clareity Security will provide MRMLS with a Master “SAFEMLS User Guide” that will include instructions
    on how to enroll, use, and maintain their specific SAFEMLS authenticator. Also included are instructions
    for what the end user should do if they lose or break their SAFEMLS authenticator. The Customer can
    customize or update this user guide to include site-specific information, policies, or additional Frequently
    Asked Questions.

    1. August 1-August 30th– Revise or Develop Token End Use Guide, Instructions, Member
      policies, FAQ, etc.
    2. August 18th- Staff Training

    1. Clareity Security will provide on-site end user security training and/or Train the Trainer training
      services as outlined in the Customer’s Purchase Agreement.

    1. Overview of the SAFEMLS solution, including the end-user experience
    2. SAFEMLS Administration Website
    3. Clarity’s SAFEMLS Administrator Guide (administrator forms / procedures)
    4. Review of Warranty and Return Process
  • September 8-September 12- Association Training
  • SAFEMLS Distribution Plans

    Distribution of the SAFEMLS Tokens will be held at the members’ local Board or Association of Realtors.
    Temps and MRMLS resources will be in each Association/Meeting place at the time of Distribution. MRMLS
    will work with Association Staff to schedule meeting times and resources needed.

    1. August 1 to August 30- Distribution brainstorm planning, Distribution Calendar,
      and Hire Temps
    2. September 15- September 30– Distribution of Token at the Board/Associations

    Implementation and Contact Information

    MRMLS will continue to communicate to Membership regarding SAFEMLS Token requirement. MRMLS will
    re-evaluate the need for additional resources for each Association/Board distribution. Clareity Security
    will be available to answer question and provide guidance for ensuring a well-organized and efficient
    transition to your new SAFEMLS system.

    For questions regarding Support, Product Ordering, Warranty Replacement Procedures, Implementation,
    and/or Training please contact our Clareity account manager at 866-221-9291 or e-mail [email protected]

    Project Timeline

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