More Lookups! More Choices! More ways of getting what you want from CARETS Dataset!

Published: September 22, 2008

In preparation of the coming CARETS data, we will be expanding our search options within fields such as Area, City, School District, and various feature fields such as Appliances and Utilities.  These additions will allow you to more effectively search the up-coming robust CARETS dataset which will include listings from the participating MLS organizations (CRISNet, Claw, i-Tech and SoCAL MLS).

Within the coming weeks you will have the ability to access all CARETS Residential and Residential lease listings through Matrix without having to go elsewhere or learn new software.  You will simply have more listings, more data, and more searchable choices in one convenient system.

Following the initial deployment of CARETS these search options will also be made available in Add/Edit so you may also express greater searchable detail in your listings.

Frequent Questions and Answers:

Q.Will I have to reciprocate my listings to other participating CARETS MLS organizations?
A.No, each participating MLS organizations will have the ability to pull and receive each other’s full listing data.

Q.Will I need to be trained on how to use CARETS?
A.No, CARETS listings will be seamlessly displayed in Matrix using the same displays and reports.  You will use the same searching and listing input techniques that you currently use. The only differences you will see are expanded listing data, expanded search options, and new rules and regulations.
Q.Does CARETS have all the MLS data in Southern California?
A.CARETS is not a statewide MLS.  At this time CARETS is comprised of five participating MLS organizations and 27 Associations and Boards of Realtors.  However, CARETS is proactively working with other MLSs to increase the coverage area to give each of our participants and subscribers as much data as possible.

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