MRMLS Distributes SAFEMLS® Tokens

Published: September 9, 2008

During the last three weeks of September MRMLS will begin a phased distribution of the SAFEMLS™ token product.  Distribution events and location details have been posted to Matrix News.  At the event you will receive a brief presentation, the SAFEMLS® token, and instructions on how to register and use your SAFEMLS® device.
Throughout the past few weeks we have collected questions from our membership regarding SAFEMLS® tokens.  Here are the top questions we have received.

Top Questions and Answers:

Q. Who is required to use SAFEMLS™ tokens?
A. All users including office and personal assistants are required to have their own SAFEMLS® token.  If your office or personal assistant does not have their own MLS login credentials; you will need to contact your Association or Board of Realtors.  Please contact them prior to November 1st to avoid additional charges.

Q. If I am an existing member of Sandicor or SoCal MLS and have an existing token, do I need to attend a distribution Event?
A. No, you do not need to attend a distribution event.  You can register your existing Sandicor or So Cal MLS token on the Matrix login page starting September 15, 2008. If you have issues with your Sandicor or SoCal SAFEMLS® token, please contact them directly.  If you have Rapattoni token or a token from iTech; you will be required to attend your distribution event.

Q. What if I cannot make it to my distribution event?
A. We understand that there may be some difficulties in getting to the event in your time slot.
Therefore, we will be having make-up events in October.  The schedule will be posted in the early October timeframe.

Q. How does the SAFEMLS® tokens work?
A. You will need your SAFEMLS® token each time you log into the Matrix system or Matrix Mobile. At the Matrix login page you will be required to input your User ID, a 4-digit pin, and the SAFEMLS password.  Your 4-digit pin is what you have assigned at the time of registering your token.   The SAFEMLS password is the unique number that is generated by pressing the grey button located on your SAFEMLS™ token device.

Q. Can I have the SAFEMLS Password generated on my Active Key or Mobile Phone?
A. Yes, you can have either device setup for a nominal fee. Please contact your Association or Board of Realtors for their setup fee.  Please note you can have multiple device activated to generate your SAFEMLS password.

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