New MRMLS Matrix v2.2 is on the way!

Published: November 19, 2008

Sneak Peak at Matrix New Features
These new and exciting features are set to arrive December 3, 2008.

Driving Directions

  • Get turn by turn driving directions to at least 20 listings at a time.

Interactive Customer Portal

  • Customers have the option to rate and select listings as favorites or possibilities.

Visited Listings

  • The ML# will change colors after you have reviewed the listing.

Quick Add to Contacts

  • Quick link to add customer information during the email process

Refreshed new look and color scheme throughout Matrix

  • A modern sleek look to the overall Matrix System.

Smart Search Menus

  • Matrix automatically condenses search lists and links to what you frequently use.

Glowing Search Fields

  • Search fields will change colors after some criteria as been specified.

Co-list Agents ability to Modify Listings

  • Co- list agents now have the ability to modify and edit co-listed listings.

Detailed information will be published throughout November on these new and exciting features.  Keep your eyes peeled when you log on the Matrix home page.

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