Lake Elsinore Abandoned Property Registration Info

Published: January 17, 2009


The City of Lake Elsinore, like other cities in our region, has enacted an ordinance to address the issue of foreclosed and abandoned properties. At this time our cities are working in concert with Realtors to help eliminate blight, maintain neighborhood appearance and help stabilize property values. With our continued cooperation we can keep this relationship from becoming adversarial as it has on some cities (not in our region). If you are currently doing REO business in Lake Elsinore, you can read the ordinance here, get additional information and obtain the necessary form to register your property.


Abandoned Residential Property Registration


The City’s Abandoned Residential Property Registration Program, outlined in this Ordinance # 1252, seeks to resolve an issue that affects all of us who deal with properties in Lake Elsinore. Houses and properties that become vacant and abandoned due to foreclosure are a detriment to people who live in close proximity. The abandoned properties degrade the neighborhoods, diminish the city’s overall image as an attractive and inviting City in which to live, own property, work and be entertained.

The program is intended to encourage owners of vacant properties to maintain or rehabilitate the properties consistent with the neighborhood standard (which is outlined in the Ordinance 1252) (PDF: Ordinance 1252.pdf). For more information, please contact Scott Burns at 951-674-3124 Ext 285.

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