Murrieta Abandoned Property Registration Info

Published: January 17, 2009


The City of Murrieta, like other cities in our region, has enacted an ordinance to address the issue of foreclosed and abandoned properties. At this time our cities are working in concert with Realtors to help eliminate blight, maintain neighborhood appearance and help stabilize property values. With our continued cooperation we can keep this relationship from becoming adversarial as it has on some cities (not in our region). If you are currently doing REO business in Murrieta, you can read the ordinance here, get additional information and obtain the necessary form to register your property.

The City of Murrieta has a comprehensive code enforcement program, which helps to protect property owner investment, promote general health and welfare and enhance the quality of neighborhoods.

It is an important part of the City’s commitment to neighborhood preservation and improvement. When homes and businesses are properly maintained, it has a positive effect on the overall appearance of the community.

The main goal of the code enforcement program is to bring to the attention of residential and business owners any existing code violations that could have a negative impact on their property, neighborhood and the community as a whole. Such conditions are often referred to as “public nuisances” However, through voluntary compliance, cooperation and a spirit of personal responsibility for the well-being of our community, such conditions can be eliminated. This will make the City of Murrieta an even better place to live, work and shop.

You can read and download a copy of Murrieta’s Abandoned Property Ordinance here:

If you need to register an REO property, download the form here:

If you’re curious if a property is within Murrieta City Limits you can access a GIS Mapping program here:

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