Cash for Keys Scam Goes Bust

Published: February 12, 2009

This is an update to last weeks post ‘Fraudster Claims Inalienable Right to Scam’. A take off on  the well honed rental fraud scheme, this agent and the illegal occupiers had posted prominent signs warning authorities that they enjoyed the ‘inalienable right to self-preservation to repel by force, self-defense and justifiable homicide’. (Understand this is in a neighborhood where nearby homeowners include the owners of the Sacramento Kings and other business luminaries of our state Capitol.)

Well, police were not in the least intimidated. Yesterday they visited the property and kicked their way into the home finding nobody around to answer the door. Today they announced the arrest of the real estate agent in what was apparently little more than another fraud scheme – cash for keys. The suspects, who may all be related, apparently thought that by occupying the property they could inveigle a payment from the bank to entice them to leave..

WRONG! Now they are hoping somebody comes along to pay their bail. We need to see more speedy resolutions and convictions to nip these scams in the bud. Nice job Sacramento PD. Thank you.

Real estate agent linked to Natomas rental booked into Sacramento jail

Published: Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009

pp The real estate agent implicated in an alleged scheme to rent out a home she had no legal right to was booked into the Sacramento County Jail this morning on criminal trespass charges, jail booking records show.

Phillis Marie Powers, 54, is still undergoing the booking process and will face a $3,000 bail, records show. “Phillis turned herself in about 9 this morning,” said police spokesman Norm Leong.

Powers and three others have been sought since Tuesday, when police issued trespass warrants in what they said was a “cash for keys” scheme in which the home was rented out to a couple about two weeks ago. Police believe the tenants and Powers, as well as the fourth suspect, are all related and had hoped to elicit a payment from the bank that owns the home in exchange for moving out.

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