Senator Hollingsworth Named to Senate Leadership Post

Published: February 18, 2009

Senator Dennie Hollingsworth

Senator Hollingsworth Issues Statement Regarding New Leadership Post

“I am humbled and honored to have been chosen by my caucus to serve as their Leader. I also want to recognize the leadership of Senator Cogdill and thank him for his dedicated service. I look forward to the work ahead, representing the views of my caucus as we address this fiscal crisis to the benefit of all Californians.”

Dennis Hollingsworth represents the 36th Senate District. The district includes Southwest Riverside County, North and East San Diego County, and portions of the City of San Diego.

About 3 o’clock this morning Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth was named as the Minority Party Leader for the California Senate. Most of you  know Dennis has been a friend to real estate and to our Association during his years in the Senate and the Assembly before that. He has authored bills for CAR and has been a firm supporter of private property rights. He recently led a delegation prompting Gov. Schwarzenegger to petition the Federal Endangered Species Commission to step in behalf of the state water users against the environ coalition for the Delta Smelt.

In spite of whatever positive things Dennis has to say about Dave Cogdill, to be replaced in the midst of these delicate and protracted budget negotiations is an unprecedented step for a political party. More than anything it reflects Dennis’ commitment to representing the constituents who elected him and to standing firm against the Democratic machine who wants to increase your taxes even more. Cogdill had come to be seen as a weak fish in the process, ready to give in to Democrat pressure. He had indicated as much in recent interviews and articles where he had taken to joining the chorus chastizing fellow Republicans for being obstructionists to the Democrats grand tax scheme.

As mentioned in a previous post, Dennis spoke on the floor of the Senate last evening and part of his remarks were carried live on NBC Nightly News. Here’s that release:

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (R-Murrieta) spoke on the floor of the Senate last night regarding the budget proposal.

The Democrats have proposed to raise taxes on Californians by over $14 billion. Some of the tax increases include 1 cent sales tax increase, 12 cents gas tax increase, 2.5% surcharge on personal income tax, and an increase in the vehicle license fee of roughly 50%. All of these new taxes average to an increase of over $1,200 in new taxes per year for a family of four.

Senator Hollingsworth spoke on the issue last night on the Senate Floor, saying “You’re not going to go back to the people’s pocketbooks to fuel that spending”.

To view the Senator’s Speech, click here:

Please let Senator Hollingsworth know we’re proud of the tremendous job he’s doing on our behalf in Sacramento.
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