Senator Hollingsworth on State Budget Tax Proposals

Published: February 12, 2009

Again, I am grateful for the representation we enjoy in Sacramento. The Senator makes an excellent point that if this budget passes with ANY Republican votes, there will not be any reason for the continued existence of a Republican Party in California. They will have capitulated to the tax & spend, union mentality that has gripped Sacramento for years and driven us to our current straits. Please encourage Sen. Hollingsworth and Assembly Members Jeffries and Nestande to stand firm in their convictions to reduce government spending rather than increase citizens taxes.

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Senator Dennis Hollingsworth Releases Statement on Budget Proposal

“The tentative deal reported in the Sacramento Bee today, if supported by Republicans will be a disaster for all Californians, the state budget and for Republicans as a party. Punishing every Californian by increasing their taxes, especially in a time such as this, is not only wrong-headed for the economy, it is simply morally wrong to demand the people reach deeper into their wallets in order to continue to fuel the spending of state government. If this passes with Republican votes, there will be no reason for any Californian to vote for a Republican in the future. The people sent Republicans to Sacramento to be a blockade against tax increases. Once that wall crumbles, there will be no end to the expansion of taxes and spending. The people will rightly figure they can vote for Democrats and at least stand a fair chance of getting their entitlements and programs along with tax increases. As Republicans, we will only remain as the party that gives them tax increases and no programs. I have and continue to strongly extol my colleagues to vote against any tax increase.”

Dennis Hollingsworth represents the 36th Senate District. The district includes Southwest Riverside County, North and East San Diego County, and portions of the City of San Diego.

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