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Published: February 3, 2009

You may be aware that the Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors was one of the founding sponsors of a group called the Southwest California Legislative Council. This group is a coalition of local Chambers of Commerce and our purpose it to advocate on behalf of business interests in Southwest California.

Like SRCAR, CAR & NAR advocate on behalf of Realtors and private property rights, SCLC advocates on behalf of LOCAL business owners – And every Realtor is a business owner. As independent contractors, we are all CEO’s of our own business.

One of the features SCLC incorporated into our model early on was the ‘Action Alert’. Modeled after the CAR & NAR Red Alerts, this tool helps us reach out and touch our legislators on issues that are of importance to us and lets them know their constituency back home is watching them. I’ll let you know more about that process and the successes we’ve had in a future post but for today I encourage you all to click the link at the bottom of this page to send a letter to Senator Barbara Boxer to support investment in our state’s infrastructure.

While many of you may not be supportive of the larded up version of the ‘stimulus plan’ currently working it’s way through the Senate (I know I’m not), some form of that bill is going to pass. We need to do whatever we can to see that what emerges is actually short-term economic stimulus and not just more of the same-old – same-old pork.

Thank you for your support.

February 3, 2009
TAKE ACTION: Help Secure Needed Transportation Funding For Southwest California

The time has never been greater for putting California back on the road towards economic prosperity by investing in our state’s transportation infrastructure. Thousands are out of work and the unemployment rate continues to rise, especially in Southwest California. Investing in the state’s transportation infrastructure will put people back to work and update our outdated roadways and highways.

California faces one of the largest budget deficits in history coupled with a rapidly increasing unemployment rate. We have an opportunity to create jobs right here in our community.

We need your help in sending a letter to United States Senator Barbara Boxer urging her to support increasing the investment of federal transportation infrastructure funding from $27 billion to $50 billion.

The current versions of the federal proposals do not invest enough in transportation infrastructure to have a meaningful impact on our state and local economy.

Submit your letter of support NOW! Log on to: www.SouthwestCA.biz

Founded in 2004, the Southwest California Legislative Council is the regional business advocacy coalition of the

Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce, Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, and Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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