A Conversation with Lake Elsinore Mayor Magee

Published: March 19, 2009

The Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce presented ‘A Conversation with Mayor Bob Magee’ on March 19 in the Diamond Club at Storm Stadium.

The Mayor detailed a positive and optimistic summary of Lake Elsinore today. He stressed the job growth and new businesses in the area, new restaurants, auto dealers and retail stores. There is fresh development in and around the city as they look to capitalize on their unique aquatic attraction. They’ve also just opened the first golf course in 80 years – The Links at Summerly. The Mayor said that while the city coffers are off by some 16% this year, the City is  financially stable – no threats there either.

Following his overview, the Mayor answered questions from the audience addressing everything from lake front development to city street paving projects. He also addressed his concerns with the threatened recall of one council member, hoping that the City would not be subject to either the cost – estimated at anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 dollars, or the time it would waste.

SCLC Chair Roger Ziemer also provided a brief overview of current negotiations to get the newly expanded Rancho Springs Medical Center open. If the state certification committee refuses to take positive action, SCLC, SRCAR and others will be launching a campaign aimed at bringing this travesty to the Governors attention. Of course he’s heard about it but he hasn’t HEARD about it from a few thousand people impacted by this in the Temecula Valley.

Mayor Magee also talked about the Thunder in the Channel this weekend when the Lake will play drag strip for the NJBA Drag Boat Racing Series. There are several tournaments coming up at The Links, The Storm host opening night on April 9th, and to find out more of the good things happening in Lake Elsinore, just tap the logo below.


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