AG Acts to Stop Massive Home Repair Fraud

Published: March 23, 2009

This is the kind of article you see written about the organized ‘Gypsys’ that still roam the countryside from time to time. Again, our intrepid AG has ferretted out another wrong-doer. No doubt he has shut down a large operation here but there are others. Always warn clients – especially elderly clients who are frequently victimized by these scamsters.
Typical scams include the roof and/or driveway repair that involves a light spray of used motor oil to darken the pavement or roof tiles. That it all washes off in the next rain doesn’t matter – the repair guys are long gone. These guys took it to a whole other level spending millions themselves on advertising. Must have payed off. For a while.


News Release

March 23, 2009
For Immediate Release

Brown and Contractors State License Board Stop Massive Statewide Home Repair Scheme

SAN DIEGO – Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. and the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) have finalized an agreement that will stop a massive service and repair scheme that unfairly overcharged thousands of Californians for “shoddy and woefully inadequate” home repair work.

“This massive scheme defrauded thousands of California homeowners who were charged exorbitant fees for shoddy and woefully inadequate home repair work by unlicensed and unskilled contractors,” Attorney General Brown said. “The agreement stops the illegal practices and gives homeowners a chance to recover some of their losses.”

A months-long investigation by the Attorney General’s Office and the Contractors State License Board found that SRVS Charge Inc. and its affiliated companies had been cheating some 6,000 customers each year for overpriced and substandard home repair work since 1989.

To stop the companies’ illegal practices and provide restitution to those who were victimized, Brown and the CSLB reached a settlement with:

– SRVS Charge Inc. and its affiliates,
– Principal owner, Sarkis Terabelian, 43, of Burbank;
– General manager, Zohrab “Rob” Mkhitarian, 40, of Burbank; and
– Associates Marine Metspakyan, 33, Avetik Avo Gyandzhyan, 38, Lilit Lusparyan, 28, Alisa Oganyan, 35, Estine Akopyan, 28, and Vardui Terabelian, 45.

The defendants operated various service and repair companies that employed electricians, plumbers, and heating and air-conditioning technicians in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Sacramento region. These companies routinely targeted elderly Californians.

Exorbitant customer fees enabled Sarkis Terabelian, Mkhitarian, and his associates to purchase two helicopters, a Mercedes-Benz, and real property valued in excess of $1 million. Title to these vehicles and real property were seized by the Attorney General’s Office last year and will be released as a result of the settlement.


“This settlement is a victory for California consumers and legitimate contractors, and brings resolution to thousands of hours of investigative work,” said CSLB Registrar Steve Sands. “Victims will now be able to regain some of their money, and CSLB will be able to watch this company closely so others aren’t harmed.”

If the terms of the settlement are violated, the defendants could face jail time.

The following companies are affiliated with the defendants and are included in the settlement:

– American Electric (CSLB #834398)
– American Home Repairs, Inc. (CSLB #834206)
– 59 Minute Service (CSLB #837697)
– Cal Repair Services, Inc., dba Pick Red Plumbing (CSLB #797241)
– Answering Resources, Inc., dba Thrifty Electric (CSLB #723375)
– Orbell Enterprises, Inc., dba Plumbing One (CSLB #713006)
– USA Services, Inc. (CSLB #775863)
– Love My Home, Inc. (CSLB #811361)
– Electric Avenue, formerly A Plus Electric Company (CSLB #569322)
– American Electric 911 Fast Inc. (CSLB #826916)
– Pro Electric Co. (CSLB #670171)
– RG Electric (CSLB #516892)
– Pacific West Heating & Air Conditioning (CSLB #604150)

If you think you have been the victim of fraud by this company and its affiliates, please contact the Contractors State License Board at 1-800-321-CSLB (2752) and press 7.

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