At the Table or On the Manu.

Published: March 14, 2009

You’ve heard me rant about this often enough – if we’re not at the table we’ll probably be on the menu. Well here’s a recent column from John Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association. His columns is entitled “waking a Sleeping Giant’ and is in reference to the recent manhandling of California Taxpayers at the hands of our elected leaders. John points out the very sentiment I frequently refer to. There was only one party absent from the table in Sacramento – and guess which party got screwed?

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In February, a political “deal” was reached regarding the state budget. Among the interests involved in the negotiations were the usual suspects: the Governor (no longer even pretending to advance limited government, free market policies), powerful labor interests and their democrat puppets in the Legislature and a handful of Republicans who, pressured by business interests, finally acquiesced to a deal that – more or less – left businesses alone while shafting working Californians.

Looks like everyone was at the table in these negotiations except taxpayers. After all, as recently pointed out by noted economist Ben Zycher commenting on the phony spending cap, the special interests are able to focus their political resources while the diffuse interests of taxpayers are far more difficult to marshal – even though, in the abstract, taxpayers are a powerful force.

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