CCRyder Rib Rub or ludes & Ritalin?

Published: March 13, 2009

It’s a tough call, this issue of pork. I’ve noticed it the past couple days and thought I was seeing things – but a writer commented on it somewhere today so I’ve got company in my little world at least.

We’ve all gone schizophrenic.  That’s part of the problem I think.

Even the Prez commented on it – and he added a reference to manic behavior to the mix.

This issue of pork? If you’re reading the articles above the fold of your daily paper (assuming you remember what that was), those articles are decrying earmarks. Oooohhh they’re so bad. It’s pork, it’s waste, it’s frivolous, it’s pet projects and political payback. We’re all righteous and indignant amidst calls for retribution.

But if you’re reading the articles below the fold – or top of fold local section, it’s a different story isn’t it? These articles are celebrating because they won’t have to lay off as many teachers, or a much needed bridge is being built, the under-construction high school gets finished – things like that. Locally we’re grateful for the pork -eh? Just a little?

And what’s the sin in that? Isn’t that something we expect of our elected leaders? They’re fighting the good fight on our behalf and making sure the interest of their constituents is being protected? Given the current economic dysfunction that is California, if the Feds are handing out pulled pork sammiches, just handing ’em out where everybody’s just helping themselves, would you prefer our legislators stand in the back of the room and yell loudly about the food going to waste? Or would you prefer they be right up at the front of the line with a bottle of CCRyder’s Smokin’ Rib Rub making sure they had enough to feed the family back home.

I had you with the CCRyder Rib Rib, didn’t I?

Well, that’s the problem. If the same behavior results in praise from one parent and discipline from the other, or if you’re getting praised and yelled at at the same time – a kid might get a little eerie on ya. Could be a little schizophrenic and might even be a little paranoid, probably with good cause.

And Obama wades in? Well, didn’t he just comment that when we’re up we’re really up but when we’re down we’re desolate? Maybe he didn’t use those exact words but you get his meaning? He says we need to be more moderate and not so up-and-down, up-and-down.  No, I’m not predicting Ritalin & Ludes for everyone courtesy of Homeland Security – I’m just sayin’. We’ve got issues, people.

Of course that’s just my $.02. I could be wrong.

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