Current eKEY Basic for BlackBerry Users:

Published: March 13, 2009

Exciting news from GE Security! We are pleased to announce that we have released eKEY Professional on BlackBerry and along with that, we have made some enhancements to eKEY Basic. To take full advantage of these changes, you will need to update your eKEY software. We encourage you to take the steps outlined below as soon as possible.

The major change we have made to eKEY is that when you open a key box, you will no longer see the box that says “Updating eKEY”. This operation now occurs in the background and will no longer appear in the forefront. We have also made some changes to the way eKEY looks when it is installed on the BlackBerry Storm.

To update the eKEY version on your BlackBerry, please do the following:

1. Launch the eKEY application

2. Click the Menu button, and choose About

3. Click the Menu button again, and choose Check for Updates. This will launch your phone’s browser and open up the website.

4. Within the browser, click on Download Supra eKEY

5. An additional screen will come up and ask you to download version 4.5.05. Click on Download.

6. It will ask you to replace your version, with version 4.5.05. Click on Yes

7. After the application is downloaded, a message will appear, stating “Device must be rebooted to complete install”. Click on Reboot. This will turn off your device, and then start it back up again. This process will take several minutes.

8. Once your device has completely rebooted, eKEY is now ready for use.

It is our hope that as many users as possible will take this action as soon as possible. Any keys that have not been updated by Thursday March 19th, will be set to have their software automatically updated remotely.

If you have any problems with this update process, please contact customer support at 1-877-699-6787 (5am to 7pm PT, seven days a week) or send an email to [email protected].

Kind Regards

GE Security

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