Are Your Clients on AOL? Please READ!

Published: April 7, 2009

aolAmerica On Line (AOL) actively blocks spam email for their users. Unfortunately this approach also tends to block emails that your clients want to receive.
If your clients use AOL mail, they may not be getting your emails.

If clients mark your MRMLS Matrix Emails or Auto-Emails as junk or spam, AOL receives that as a complaint. If AOL receives enough complaints they block the entire system.

The MRMLS Matrix Email and Auto Email function was created for agents and brokers to communicate directly with clients. The MRMLS Matrix Email and Auto Email function is a communication system, and should not be used as a marketing system.

MRMLS is working with AOL to resolve this issue. The MRMLS Matrix system conforms to AOLs requirements, and has applied to be added to AOL’s “White List.” Until AOL approves that request, you may continue to receive email delivery failures from AOL.

We encourage you and your clients to contact AOL directly to request that they unblock MRMLS Matrix Emails and Auto Emails.

Here are some best practices for avoiding email problems:

  • Keep your Client List Clean. Identify, modify and disable invalid email addresses when you receive a failed invalid email address notice sent to you via email
  • Keep Your Client List Current. Disable Auto Emails that no longer apply
  • Keep Your Contacts Current. Maintain and update your contact list in Matrix
  • “Unsubscribe”, Don’t “Junk Mail.” Have your clients hit the “Unsubscribe” link in the Email or Auto Email rather than mark your email as junk or spam. At the bottom of each email there is a link where your clients can unsubscribe for example:

    If you wish to stop receiving these emails, please Unsubscribe by clicking:

  • Respect Clients That Unsubscribe. Do not re-enable Auto Emails that were disabled by your client. Doing so increases your chances of being “Black Listed.”

Note, no other major email providers are blocking MRMLS Matrix Emails or Auto Emails at that time.

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