Living Last Supper @ Old Town Temecula Theater

Published: April 9, 2009

At one time or another I think everybody has seen Leonardo da Vinci‘s famous painting of ‘The Last Supper’. But have you ever seen it live? I don’t mean the painting itself – but the actual Last Supper portrayed live?

Well now’s your chance. Now thru Saturday, you can catch this brilliant depiction of Jesus and the Apostles at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater at 7:30 each evening.

The show presents a full scale reproduction of da Vinci’s masterpiece featuring life-size actors portraying everyone at the table that fateful evening. What you don’t see is a lot of action or dialogue between the characters. The set-piece is introduced by Leonardo himself and the actors are frozen ‘en tableau’.

The scene begins right after Jesus has disclosed that one of his Disciples will betray him before the rooster crows. One by one we disengage from the painting and make our way stage front to share our personal experiences with Jesus during our travels with him. Each soliloquy concludes with the common question “Is it I”.

The Living Last Supper was dramatically adapted from a 1950’s West Point graduate thesis with backdrop and lighting effects to dramatize the event. Our cast consists of ‘actors’ ranging from high school students to long retired folks so there is a great diversity of experience and stagecraft. This not only makes for a lot of fun but provides a realistic cross-section of Jesus’ merry band of travelers. Our Jesus, whom you might actually confuse with the real deal if you ran into him on the street, moved to Indiana this year but flew back just for this series.

But when the curtain comes up, the fun is over. Being frozen in place for up to an hour is no easy task. Phantom itches, muscle cramps from maintaining strained positions and numb-butt from sitting in one spot on wooden stools are just a few of our challenges. Gotta cough? Fugedaboudit. Fly on your nose? Enjoy. Leg go to sleep before your speech? Incorporate the limp into your character.

Support your local community theater. If you haven’t been before, our 3 year old theater is a state-of-the-art facility that is acoustically superb and built so there isn’t bad seat in the house. Bring the family – stop by one of our many fine dining establishments in Old Town, then come on over to the theater for a great evening of live entertainment.

Tell ’em, St. Peter sent you. That’s me – 5th from the left.

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