SRCAR REALTOR Needs Help To Get New Liver

Published: April 2, 2009

Susan Hanley, a REALTOR at SRCAR, is in need of a liver transplant. We received a letter from her sister:

“Ms. Lynch:

I am writing to you about Susan Hanley of Temecula Creek Realty. Susan is my sister. Recently Susan’s liver has failed due to a blood clot that went to her liver. The blood clot stopped flow to her liver and caused the liver to fail. She is suffering from extreme abdominal pain…

Susan initially had trouble getting into the hospital ( UCSD ) was misdiagnosed a few times before she was finally admitted into the hospital…

Susan is unable to work or pay for her insurance deductible. I am hoping that your organization can help her.”

So, if you have anything you can spare to help out a fellow REALTOR, I’m sure Susan and her family would be very appreciative. Please help save this 49 year old, single mom. There is a SUSAN HANLEY MEDICAL FUND account setup at Bank of America. The account number is 383004661612. You can always drop any money, checks or whatever here at the association office in Murrieta as well, and we’ll make sure the money gets to Susan.

Thank you for your help.


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