False Red Alert – CAR OPPOSES AB957 – the Buyers Choice Act.

Published: June 23, 2009

Beware of non-C.A.R. Red Alert!

“Buyers’ Choice Act” Has Been Amended to

Increase Your Exposure to Lawsuits!

Please beware! Many REALTORS® have received a “Red Alert” type communication asking that they contact their legislators in support of AB 957, the “Buyers’ Choice Act.”

While C.A.R. had been supporting AB 957, the legislation was recently amended to reduce the liability protection that REALORS® have under existing law when an NHD or other substitute disclosure (pest control report; geology report) is provided in the transaction. Due to these amendments, C.A.R. has no other option but to change its position and OPPOSE AB 957.

C.A.R. does NOT have a Red Alert out on this bill. C.A.R. does NOT support this bill. C.A.R. OPPOSES this bill as amended and urges you NOT to respond to the non-C.A.R. Red Alert!!

For More Information

For more information, please contact DeAnn Kerr at [email protected] or Stan Wieg at [email protected]

Thanks everyone!

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